Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome! This site is meant to be provocative but not offensive. This page is all about male sensuality, what it means straight or gay. I hope to capture in photos what can't be communicated in words. I believe there is a thin line between heterosexuality and homosexuality. Men have a unwritten affection for each other, we are driven toward each other, call it "male bonding" or what ever. The evidence is obvious when you look at contact sports, just as an example of this phenomenon. Men will fight with each other only to resolve their issues into a more intimate relationship. We have many things in common but sex rules our lives. We are in constant pursuit of it, with someone, or alone, acted on, or fantasized about. We don't give birth but we do give life. Many of us live very solitary lives, in the closet, straight or gay, the social rules on men forbid in many ways for us to show emotion. I am a OUT gay man with many close straight friends. I look at men and see the joy, the pain, the entire person. Men are beautiful beings! I'm just a human being learning life, a life long project.

Thursday, May 27, 2010